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»Our Mission

To enhance and synergize research
capacity for biotechnology
innovation and development,
regulation, and public understanding
on biotech-led agricultural
and health solutions in Kenya.

Kenya University Biotechnology Consortium

»About Us

KUBICO is a consortium of biotech experts in public and private universities that aims to provide health and agricultural solutions. The consortium promotes responsible and safe use of biotechnology by conducting public education and strengthening capacity for development, regulatory safety assessments and technology adoption.

The Objectives of the consortium are to:
1. Strengthen infrastructure for biotech research
2. Promote enrolments into biotech courses
3. Enhance public understanding on biotech and adoption of farming technologies
4. Strengthen regulatory capacity for biosafety assessments

KUBICO is non-profit making and has no political affiliation.

Modern Biotechnology has been used to increase agricultural production in many parts of the world by targeting production traits, improving nutrition, and to reduce loses through drought and pest resistant varieties. Hence biotech crops are by large the fastest adopted crop technology in the history of modern agriculture. Kenya is one of the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa that depend mainly on agriculture but have largely remained food insecure.

Current production challenges to farming in Kenya include degradation and nutrient deficient soils, soil borne plant pathogens and crop pests, unreliable rain-fed farming, lack of skills and limited access to and utilization of appropriate agricultural technologies. Here, studies have shown that majority of smallholder farmers lack awareness of improved agricultural practices and technical knowhow, partly because of weak linkages between researchers, extension staff and farmers, and this is likely to mirror many countries in sub-Saharan Africa and other developing economies. KUBICO strives to promote adoption of these farming technologies by enhancing public understanding on economic advantages and safe application of biotechnology.

University Partners

University of Nairobi
Kenyatta University
Egerton University
Mount Kenya University
University of Eldoret

Other Partners

Kenya Medical Association
Ministry of Agriculture

University of NairobiICT