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»Our Mission

To enhance and synergize research
capacity for biotechnology
innovation and development,
regulation, and public understanding
on biotech-led agricultural
and health solutions in Kenya.

Kenya University Biotechnology Consortium

Graduate Scholarship opportunities

Complete your studies with KUBICO Member University and we'll help you to achieve your academic goals in agricultural or health biotechnology. Research projects under KUBICO are designed to help you develop high-level research skills in the areas of Plant biotechnology, genetics, food safety and food security. Working in modern laboratories alongside leading researchers, successful students have the opportunity to develop important research contacts, and travel for research and conferences.

Follow your passion. Search KUBICO website for a scientist working in your area of interest. If you need more information, call the scientist and ask them to tell you more about their field or project.

How to apply:
1. Read the procedure outlined on the respective Graduate Schools
2. Identify a KUBICO researcher who could be your potential advisor, and provide your CV so that they can assess your suitability for a potential project.
3. For further assistance, please email us at , copied to
4. If the advisors you have nominated are unable to supervise you, we will contact other potential advisors directly.


welcomes partners and sponsors to collaborate and support new and ongoing research programs.

Opportunities include:
1. Sponsor new and established research projects
2. Sponsor research higher degree scholarships
3. Actively partner and collaborate in new and established research projects

For more information contact KUBICO on the below contacts: