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»Our Mission

To enhance and synergize research
capacity for biotechnology
innovation and development,
regulation, and public understanding
on biotech-led agricultural
and health solutions in Kenya.

Kenya University Biotechnology Consortium


Prof Isabel Nyokabi Wagara (Egerton University):

Plant Pathology, Crop Protection, Mycotoxigenic fungi, Mushroom production
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Joel W. Ochieng, PhD (University of Nairobi):

National Agricultural Biotechnology Programme, Developing transgenic crops, Conservation genetics, Molecular breeding, Genetic diversity studies, Phylogeography, Nutritional Bioinformatics Programme, Diagnostic Kits and Forensic Science

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Susan Musembi, PhD (Kenyatta University):

Animal Biotechnology, Immunology, Vaccine Development Google Scholar:Read more

Richard O. Oduor, PhD (Kenyatta University):

Genetic engineering for transgenic sweet potatoes, to improve crop yield and enhance biomass, Improving local medicinal plants for increased production of therapeutic secondary metabolites

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Prof John H. Nderitu (Mount Kenya University):

Research management, Agricultural Entomology,
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Prof Richard M.S. Mulwa

Horticultural Biotechnology, Fruit Science, Plant Biotechnology

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